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Lake Van Monster

The Lake Van monster is a legendary cryptid that inhabits in Lake Van in Eastern Turkey. As of 2015, there are more than 1,000 eyewitnesses who have come forward to report their sightings of this creature. It is described to have multiple humps or spikes on its back, similar to what a Plesiosaur or Ichthyosaurus looks like. In 1889, Saadet newspaper reported a creature dragging a man into a lake. The latest alleged sighting occurred in 1997 when a teaching assistant at Van University recorded a footage of the creature. Skeptics and critics criticize the video because it never panned to the left. Some even suggested that perhaps it was intentional to hide whatever it is that would reveal what the unidentified creature really is, claiming that it may even be an air hose.



Flathead Lake Monster

The Flathead Lake Monster is a cryptid located in Flathead Lake on the southern top of Rocky Mountain Trench in Montana. The description is similar to the Loch Ness Monster which some have claimed that they are the same creature.

The Flathead Lake Monster is describe to be a large serpent, similar to an eel, with wavy body that spans 20 to 40 feet long. The color is said to be brown to black with gray to black eyes. Some sightings describe the creature to be a giant sturgeon and that the body is very shiny with bowling ball shaped head. The first reporting was in 1889 by James C Kerr.




The Canadian Lake monster, commonly known as Ogopogo, is reported to live in Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. It is named the “Ogopogo” which originated from a 1925 song called “The Ogo-Pogo: The Funny Fox-Trot”, by Cumberland Clark and Mark Strong. It is allegedly seen in 19th century by First Nations people. It is described to be 40 to 50 foot long (12 to 15 m) and serpent-like. Crytozoologist, Karl Shuker, describes that the Ogopopo has many humps like many lake monsters, although not much else is known due to lack of photographs or films of the creature.

The first sighting was reported in 1926 in Okanagan Mission beach. Upwards of 30 eyewitnesses claim to have seen a giant serpent with many humps swimming in the lake.