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Greenbrier Ghost

The Greenbrier Ghost is a ghost of a young woman seen in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Elva Zona Heaster’s death was initially believed to be of natural causes, but courts later retracted and declared that she was murdered by her husband based on a testimony by her mother who claims she saw her daughter’s spirit. Her body was discovered by a young boy who came into the house for run an errand. He found Zona lying motionless on the stairs, with her body strangely placed as if someone moved her around after her death. When doctors arrived, her husband had carried Zona upstairs to the bedroom and dressed her himself. The doctor discovered injuries consistent with abuse on her body.

Legend say that Zona appears to her mother to discuss the abuse she endured while married to shue. Her neck was purportedly broken by her husband, and to prove this, she turns her head 180 degree and faces her mother backwards.



Blue Lady Ghost

The Blue Lady Ghost is an apparition of a woman allegedly seen in and around Moss Beach Distillery Cage in Moss Beach, California. Her name comes from her the color of her attire. She is said to be from the Prohibition era due to the style of her clothes and the date of her first sighting.

The Distillery was built in 1927 (known as “Frank’s Place”) and became the main smuggled alcohol suppliers in California. Because the level of how refinement, police neglected to raid Frank’s Place for alcohol. Blue Lady Ghost’s origin is unknown, but locals describe that she died just around this era in Frank’s Place. She reportedly frequents the Moss Beach Distillery where she quietly sits inside the cafe or wanders around the beach overlooking the sea. Some reportings describe her blue attire to be bloodstained and ripped.

In an episode of Ghost Hunters, the Blue Lady’s existence have been disproven when a speaker was found hidden in the ladies room ceiling. The speaker transmitted pre-recordings of ghostly soundbites and creepy laughter. A two-way mirror with a flashing blue head was hidden behind the mirror of the room to give the effect that the Blue Lady Ghost is staring. It was concluded that the staffs at the Moss Beach Distillery planted these effects.