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The Burrunjor is said to be a living dinosaur that roams in Arnhem Land, Australia and Wales. It walks on two bipedal legs and stands 25 feet tall. The first reporting about the Burrunjor was in 1984 when researchers found huge three-toed footprints from a gigantic bipedal reptilian animal near Narooma, New South Wales. Scientists plastered the cast of the track, which came out to be approximately 2 feet wide and 2 ½ feet long.

Most reporting thereafter came from farmers and cattle ranchers who have reported seeing a large creature leaving large tracks after devouring their livestock. Aboriginals reported that the Burrunjor feasts on large animals such as kangaroos and cows.



Arica Monster

The Arica Monster is described to be a flightless dinosaur bird and said to be the largest surviving member of the dromaeosaurids. Most sightings are reported by motorists driving the main road linking Iquique and Arica. The last major sighting was in 2004 when a family was surrounded by a creature described to have “dog-like” face, with a kangoo-like body. Other sightings described the Arica Monster to be primitive dinosaur with a kangaroo face and an emu body.

The locals are divided in their opinion about the Arica Monster’s existence. Some locals believe the Atacama desert can barely support any type of animals, and that such creature doesn’t exist. Other locals say there are many possibilities that suggests that the Arica Monster is a surviving dinosaur.