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Dover Demon

The Dover Demon is a creature sighted in Dover, Massachusetts on April 21 and April 22, 1977 by seventeen year old, William Bartlett. He claims that while driving on April 21, 1977, he encounters a large, glowy eyed creature with “tendril-like fingers” on top of a cracked stone wall on Farm Street in Dover. Another teenager, John Baxter, reported seeing a creature with the same description in a wooded area on Miller Hill Road. Some skeptics say that the creatures may have been a moose calf based on the description.

Police reported to the Associated Press that the creatures, mostly reported by teenagers, were probably nothing more than a school hoax from bored high school students.




The Bat Demon is famously known as the Popobawa. This bat-like cryptid was the center of a mass hysteria in 1995 that occurred from Pemba to Ungura, the main island of Zanzibar archipelago, across to Dar es Salaam and other urban centres on the East African coast. Despite its name, the Popobawa can metamorphose into different forms, including humans and other animals. Although they are nocturnal, a Popobawa can be seen in the daylight. The Popobawa is described to be associated with sulfurous odor, although that may not always be the case.

The Popobawa attacks families’ homes in the night. In addition to their indiscriminate desire to cause physical harm to all members of the family, the Popobawa can sexually assault adult men and women. In order to stop repeated attacks in the night, the victims must tell others of their assault.

In the height of the Popobawa panic in 1995, families would stay awake and huddle outside around an open fire with other families in the neighborhood to protect themselves.