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The Batsquatch name is a combination of the words ‘bat’ and ‘sasquatch’. It is a flying cryptid similar to the Ahool and the Orang Bati of Southeast Asia.

Sightings occur near Mount Saint Helens. The first sighting was reported in April 1994. A man driving in Washington’s Pierce County pulled over just as his car broke down. He claimed the Batsquatch landed in front of him as he was fixing his car. He described the cryptid to be “human-like”. Other reportedly describes the Batsquatch to be a flying primate, standing 9 feet tall with a 20-30 feet wingspan. The fur is described to be blue, and it has yellow eyes, bird-like feet, and leathery wings similar to bats.

There are allegedly pictures of the Batsquatch taken by a local, but the pictures have never been professionally analyzed. The latest alleged sighting occurred in April 14, 2014 at Archbishop Hoban High School in Akron, OH when a spanish class witnessed a giant black mass flying by the window.




The Bat Demon is famously known as the Popobawa. This bat-like cryptid was the center of a mass hysteria in 1995 that occurred from Pemba to Ungura, the main island of Zanzibar archipelago, across to Dar es Salaam and other urban centres on the East African coast. Despite its name, the Popobawa can metamorphose into different forms, including humans and other animals. Although they are nocturnal, a Popobawa can be seen in the daylight. The Popobawa is described to be associated with sulfurous odor, although that may not always be the case.

The Popobawa attacks families’ homes in the night. In addition to their indiscriminate desire to cause physical harm to all members of the family, the Popobawa can sexually assault adult men and women. In order to stop repeated attacks in the night, the victims must tell others of their assault.

In the height of the Popobawa panic in 1995, families would stay awake and huddle outside around an open fire with other families in the neighborhood to protect themselves.