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The Aswang is a canine cryptid from the Philippines. The name derives from the Sanskrit words “shwan” and “ang” which means “dog” and “body” respectfully. The first sighting of the famous Aswang was in the 16th century. While most accounts describes the Aswang to be a female vampire, dog-like witch ghoul, its appearance and stories varies from region to region.

Spanish colonists noted that out of all mythical creatures of the Philippines, the Aswang is the most fearsome. Despite their terrifying nature, the Aswang can be befriended. Their human qualities, such as their ability to laugh, cry, be jealous, and angry, helps the Aswang and people become friendly to each other. The Aswang also spares their neighbors.

Traditional mythical vampires are harmed by sunlight. The Aswang are not, but their strength is significantly reduced in the daytime. Humans can use garlic and a cross to scare them away.

It is said that oils will boil if an Aswang is near.