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The Alux is part of a mythological tradition of Mayan people from the Yucatan Peninsula and Guatemala. They are pygmy spirits resembling the Mayans in traditional clothing. Although they are usually invisible to the human eye, they assume physical form to frighten people. The Alux legend is very similar to the Celtics leprechauns.

According to Mayan traditions, the Alux are called when farmers build a small home in his property in the maize field. After their arrival, they help the farmer for seven years doing farm work. After seven years, they are to be locked in the home by the farmer or else they will run wild playing tricks or even killing people.

The most recent sighting occurred in 2007 when a moderator of an anthropological group, Dan Gannon, reported a sighting during his travels in Yucatan. He described, “What looked like a human shoulder and arm, and a leg beneath it. It appeared to be a hominid, about 2 feet tall, with only the right side of the body just showing in the headlights. As the vehicle drew closer I could see without a doubt that it moved to more completely hide itself. After a few seconds of speechless amazement, I blurted out what I had seen. Unfortunately, our driver didn’t slow down since Mayans actually try to avoid Alux out of fear of being killed after encroaching into their territory. Later that night we were told that we were in the middle of a specific forested area where Alux are often reported.”