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Blue Albino Woman

The Blue Albino Woman is well known in Topeka, Kansas. She is described to be a witch with bluish-white skin and long white hair. The legend goes that the Blue Albino Woman was a hated woman in her neighborhood, so much to the point of being murdered by local thugs. She was buried alive in the Rochester cemetery in Kansas. She is usually seen above her burial, walking around aimlessly at night. There has been hundreds of reportings in this area.

An incident in 2013 was reported by a couple who was allegedly choked by the Blue Albino Woman. While setting up a picnic in the cemetery, the girlfriend, Jessica Streeter and her unidentified boyfriend, alleged that a woman with “crazy eyes” started to scratch and choke Streeter. They managed to escape. In another incident, a young boy claimed that he was looking at mannequins in the department store and became horrified when one of the mannequins, described to be a blue albino woman, turned her head and faced him.