Grafton Monster

Eyewitnesses describe the Grafton monster to be seven to nine feet tall with skin color ranging from white to gray, similar to a seal. The first sighting was reported in June 1965 by Robert Cockrell, a journalist from the Grafton area, who wrote two articles about reported sightings. Although several sightings have been reported since 1965, most have been forgotten or did not gain enough publicity for further investigation.




The Globster is an unknown organic mass that washes up on the shoreline of a body of water. The term was coined by Ivan Sanderson in 1962. It is said to have no defined head, with no visible eyes, and no bone structure. Its puzzling appearance is subject to many controversy due to how hard the carcass is to identify. The Globster is subject to many studies in the field of cryptozoology.


Queen Esther

The ghost of Queen Esther is said to be the apparition of a Naive American queen of Iroquoi during the mid-1700s. After losing her son to a fight with a drunk in a nearby farm, Queen Esther ordered a raid as revenge. Exact numbers of casualties is uncertain, but confirmed killings include a man name Arthur Van Rossum and his wife Janna of Sayre. They were scalped on September 27, 1778.

In response, a military force was formed under Colonel Thomas Hartley to battle Queen Esther. After several hours of battle with the Iroquoi military force, Hartley and his men overpowered. They move in on Queen Esther as she attempts to flee with women and children of her village. Hartley catches up to the fleeing villagers and have them executed simultaneously in front of a nearby pond as Queen Esther was forced to look on. She was then lynched and thrown into the pond along with the victims of her raid.

In the early 1800s, one of the men under Hartley describes the area of the Iroquoi massacre to be cursed by Queen Esther. Rumors reported that hunters often see a young woman crying as she hangs from the branches of a tree. If eyewitnesses move in to see the girl up close, she vanishes.


Fouke Monster

The Fouke Monster is a legendary cryptid sighted near Fouke town in Miler County, Arkansas in early 1970s. They were first discovered in 1971 and continued to 1980s. Eyewitnesses say the cryptid is a large hominoid creature with long dark hair. It was purported to be 7 feet tall, weighing between 250-300 pounds, with its chest being about 3 feet wide. Later reports in the 1980s describe the Fouke Monster to be even larger, with one witness claiming it was 10 feet tall, and weighing upwards of 800 pounds.

Most recounts say that Fouke Monster runs fast, swinging its arms like a monkey. It also has a terrible odor, described to be a mixture of skunk and wet dog. Discovered tracks claimed that its footprints measures 17 inches in length and 7 inches in width.


Flathead Lake Monster

The Flathead Lake Monster is a cryptid located in Flathead Lake on the southern top of Rocky Mountain Trench in Montana. The description is similar to the Loch Ness Monster which some have claimed that they are the same creature.

The Flathead Lake Monster is describe to be a large serpent, similar to an eel, with wavy body that spans 20 to 40 feet long. The color is said to be brown to black with gray to black eyes. Some sightings describe the creature to be a giant sturgeon and that the body is very shiny with bowling ball shaped head. The first reporting was in 1889 by James C Kerr.


Evil Gnome

The Evil Gnome is described to be two to three feet tall and wears black pants and gold shirt. It has a black and white beard and it wears long, red pointy hat. The nose is also said to be bulbous and the eyes are deep set. Evil Gnome’s teeth are pointy and it has a yellow-brown color.

The first reporting occurred in 2007 when a single other with her three children moved into a farmhouse near Tule River. Soon after moving in, the mother sensed someone or something was watching her until she noticed one night while walking home from a store a small humanoid staring at her, laughing maniacally.



The Pombero is a mythical humanoid creature with small stature. The legend came from the Guarani. The Pombero targets ungrateful girls. After kidnapping the girls, the Pombero forces the girls to kiss it, and even going as far as sexually assaulting the girls.

The Pombero is so well-believed among Guarani that it is common for adults to leave gifts for the Pombero every night to bargain with the Pombero to leave them alone.