Hogzilla was a male wild hog shot and killed by his owner, Chris Griffin, in Alapaha, Georgie. Originally, Griffin claimed to have hunted a giant hog but later revealed Hogzilla was in fact a pet. This revelation caused a public outcry.

Photograph of Hogzilla circulated throughout the United States due to people’s fascination with its length and size. Hogzilla was allegedly 12 feet long and weighed approximately over one ton. Its remains were exhumed in 2005 and studied by Dr. Oz Katz and his father Dr Eliahu Katz. The animal became the subject of a documentary and book. Due to its unbelievable size, Hogzilla was originally considered to be a hoax.



One thought on “Hogzilla”

  1. I’ve seen this from MonsterQuest. I’ve never seen a hog this big until I was visiting my sister’s friend, Nelly. Her (My sister) name is Christine. When I was on a tour at Nelly’s, I saw her sow. She scared both me and Christine. The pig scared the soul out of us. I thought the sow is going to kill me and eat my guts. EEEEWWWW! Anyway, the sow is either 1,000 LBS., or more. Then, when my family and I went to school, My princapal, Mr. Lawless, is said to be a wild hog hunter. My mom is in love with him. Moments ago, when she was texting on the computer, she wanted to know if it’s true that Mr. Lawless is a wild hog hunter. It’s true. He sends a picture of himself holding the biggest hog I’ve never imagined. I claim he shot a monster that he saws. It’s a big a beast. The monster of Silo (My town) is probably reaching my height. It’s probably 5’13. I’m only 5’10. It’s so huge, it could stab one person in the leg. If it are strong enough to stab someone in the leg, it’ll do me. Cause I’m not strong enough to pick up the whole animal in the world that big. (Voice breaking) I thought it might be bigger engough. (Clears Throat) Anyway, I’m still not strong enough. I’m only weak enough to get stabbed in the leg. 2 things:

    1. Though the beast can stab your leg, it can also itself to cut your stomach open.

    2. If you check the video on Mountain Monsters, you could see the creature on all fours.

    Legend has it, this “Hog” has paws, not mutated. If you also look up MonsterQuest, it also shows Big Bill in 1933. He weighs 2,300 Lbs. That’s a one big pig, Aren’t it.

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