The Mothman is a moth-like cryptid reported to be seen in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia. The first sighting was reported in November 12, 1966 in the Point Pleasant Register newspaper. The five eyewitnesses claimed that while they were digging a drag at a cemetery near Clendenin, WV, they see a moth-like man fly above their heads. Shortly after this report, more people began to see the Mothman.



The Mngwa is a nocturnal feline that allegedly inhabits the East African country of Tanzania. It is described to be a ferocious creature with dark fur and purported to be about the size of a donkey. Sightings of this animal can be traced back to the early 1900s. British scientific journal “Discovery” discussed this animal in an issue published in 1938. British administrator, William Hichens, claimed that numerous natives had been attacked by the Mngwa.


Minnie Quay

Minnie Quay is a ghost that allegedly haunts the eastern region of Michigan also known as Forester. Today the township is named Forester Township. The legend say that Minnie Quay was approximately 15 years old when she fell in love with a sailor whose ship was docked in Forester for business. The identity of the sailor is unknown.. Minnie was warned against pursuing an affair with the young sailor and her mother fervently disapproved. Unfortunately, the love affair did not last long as the the ship left in early spring of 1876. Heartbroken, she walked to the pier and jumped off into Lake Huron. Eyewitnesses claim that Minnie’s ghost roams the beaches of Forester in search of her lover.


Melon Heads

Melon heads is a legend from originally from Michigan, but variations of the story also exists in Ohio and Connecticut. The Melon heads of Michigan reside around Felt Mansion and are usually sighted near Ottawa County. They are purportedly children with the condition hydrocephalus who lived in unction Insane Asylum near Felt Mansion. Legends say that when and if the children were to be physically or mentally abused, they would turn into a mutant and run away to live in the forests around the asylum. Officials claim that no such asylum existed in the county, although there had been a prison.



The Mamlambo is a mythological deity from South Africa and Zulu. It is described to be a giant serpent creature. The first reports of the mamlambo’s existence came in 1997 when South African newspapers reported on alleged sightings of a giant snake monster in the Mzintlava River near Mount Ayliff.

The monster purportedly killed at least nine people in the village. Villagers claimed that the creature was 67 feet long, with large horse-like torso, fish body, short legs, and snake neck. Its body shines with a green light in the night. The description is said to be very similar to the Mosasaur which some have purported that the mamlambo may be a living dinosaur.


Maltese Tiger

The Maltese tiger is a cryptid tiger reported in the Fujijan Province of China. It is described to have blue fur with dark gray stripes. The markings are said to be strikingly beautiful. In 1910, an American missionary named Harry Caldwell claimed to have hunted a blue tiger outside of Fuzhou. He later chronicled his experience in his book Blue Tiger (1924). “The markings of the beast are strikingly beautiful. The ground colour is of a delicate shade of maltese, changing into light gray-blue on the underparts. The stripes are well defined and like those of the ordinary yellow tiger.—Caldwell, Chapman (1925)”



Lusca is a sea monster that inhabits the Carribean. It is said that the lusca may be a giant octopus, far larger than any known documented giant octopuses in world record. Many reports come from the Bahamas. The first reporting came from 1896 on the Florida coast. The latest reporting came on January 18, 2011 when an unidentified body of what appears to be a very large octopus washed ashore on Grand Bahama Island. Locals estimated that the body was approximately 20 to 30 feet long.

The Lusca is commonly believed to be over 75 feet to 200 feet long. They are also said to have the ability to change its colors.


Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster is arguably the most famous cryptic in history. It inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Accounts of its description varies, although most agree on its large size. Its popularity started in 1933 when sightings were reported. To this day, there are still only minimal and controversial evidence.

Most accounts of its existence have been disproven to be hoax.


Lizard Demon

The Lizard Demon is a reptilian humanoid that lives in surrounding areas in Lee County, South Carolina in the sewers and subways. It is said to be seven feet tall, bipedal, large, and has dark hair with scaly skin all arounds its body. The first report of a sighting was on June 29, 1988 when teenager, Christopher Davis, allegedly encountered a creature while he was driving home at 2 AM. “I looked back and saw something running across the field towards me. It was about 25 yards away and I saw red eyes glowing. I ran into the car and as I locked it, the thing grabbed the door handle. I could see him from the neck down – the three big fingers, long black nails and green rough skin. It was strong and angry. I looked in my mirror and saw a blur of green running. I could see his toes and then he jumped on the roof of my car. I thought I heard a grunt and then I could see his fingers through the front windshield, where they curled around on the roof. I sped up and swerved to shake the creature off.”