The Chullachaqui is a legendary devil that inhabits Peruvian and Brazilian jungle. Another variation of its name is Challachaqui. Legend say that the Chullachaqui disguises itself as a prey to trick hunters to walk deep into the jungle so they cannot find their way home. Other versions of the legend say that the Chullachaqui takes physical form of family members or loved ones to trick relatives to follow it into the jungle where they are led into a trap. Another version of the legend is that the Chullachaqui appear as a male dwarf dressed in rags, often waving his closed fists to instigate fights. Natives say that men should accept his challenge and win the fight in order to find treasures that the Chullachaqui hides in the jungle.

When a Chullachaqui impersonates someone his victim knows, the only way to tell them apart is to look for the limping left goat leg, which he cannot change from.


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