Banshee Ghost

Banshee Ghost

The Banshee ghost originates from Ireland. She is dubbed to be the “Woman of the Barrows” and described to be a female spirit or female fairy. Some Irish families believe that the banshee can be born in their family. Her identity can be discovered when she wails in reaction to a family member’s death. Often times the banshee would wail even before the news of the death is announced or even if the family member is far away. Her wails are described to be so piercing that it would shatter glass. She disguises herself in various forms such as a hooded crow, stoat, hair, and weasel – animal associated with witchcraft in Ireland. In her normal form, the banshee dresses in white or gray dress, and often has long, pale hair with she brushes with a silver comb. Scholar Patricia Lysaght attributes to the confusion with local mermaid myths.

Earliest account of the banshee traces back to 1380 in the publication of Cathreim Thoirdhealbhaigh (Triumphs of Torlough) by Sean mac Craith. The banshees can also be found in Norman literature during that time. The latest alleged sighting was reported in 1948. Explanations of the banshees varies according to different regions. One theory is that the banshees are actually barn animals, specifically a barn owl, known for its chilling screech in the night.


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