Ayia Napa Monster

Ayia Napa Monster

The Ayia Napa Monster inhabits Ayia Napa and Cyprus, a popular tourist resort on the Mediterranean. Sightings often occur around Cape Greco.

Despite sightings describing the Ayia Napa Monster to appear fearsome, they are known by local fishermen as “To Filiko Teras”, or “The Friendly Monster” due to their nonviolence. Although they never caused harm to humans, they’ve been reported to have ripped away fishing nets from fishermen. Some sightings reportedly describes the Ayia Monster to be multi-headed, sea monster.

Not much else is known about the Ayia Napa Monster. The mysterious nature has intrigued locals and government officials. The hope of spotting the Ayia Napa Sea Monster has become part of the tourist attraction in Cape Greco



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