The Ahool is a mysterious giant bat creature that inhabits the Salek Mountains. The name comes from their cries. The first sighting of the Ahool was in 1925 when Dr. Ernest Bartels, a naturalist, was exploring a waterfall on Salek Mountains when a mysterious giant flew directly above his head. Two years later in 1927, Dr. Bartels encounters the creature again making a distinct cry above his hut near the Tjidjenkol River in western Java, “A hool!”. This sound later became the giant cryptid creature’s name.

The description of the Ahool portrays the giant creature to be a mutated bat with face like a monkey, giant-spanned wings similar to bats, and it has a dark body. Although its existence has never been proven, several sightings has since been reported. In 1967, a farmer in Moca sees a giant creature struggling on his land. Fearing what he was seeing, he fled and retreated to his home. The next morning, the creature was gone.




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